Specialised Yacht Painters

Servicios Náuticos Integrados Palma, S.L. specialises in painting yachts, whether it be painting works, finishes or antifouling application.

Servicious Náuticos Integrados Palma (SNIPalma) has been providing the perfect finish painting since 1965, with highly qualified and experienced team led by its founder, Gabriel Bauzá, joined by his son, José Bauzá.

SNIPALMA use the latest and best products and materials in the nautical market. Our reputation as being the best in our field has earned us the respect of many shipwrights and we are official painters for Nautor Swan, having been invited to their factory in Finland to paint from bare carbon to final finish several of their newly built hulls.

SNIPALMA have also been called on by Nautor Swan to paint their damaged yachts as far afield as Hong Kong, and Badalona, and return them to pristine conditions.

Locally, SNIPALMA has worked on an impressive list of yachts, and has received high praise from captains and owners alike, who have been very satisfied with the work carried out.

Our services include:

  • Painting of yachts whether in matte or metallic finishes
  • Repairing paint works at any level (interiors and exteriors)
  • Application of antifouling and primers
  • Application of PropSpeed or other preparations on propellers and shafts
  • Applying lacquer to composite pieces
  • Painting the inside of water tanks – we are authorised applicators for Mallorca of CHEMCO coatings, a new product for protecting water tanks.

SNIPalma offers maximum quality finishes, commitment with our delivery times, the best results in durability of the material used with a 1-year warranty on our workmanship.

SNIPALMA - Perfect Finish Painting - Passion for our work

Contact us at, call us +34 635 160 386, chat or fill this form. One of our project managers will contact you quickly to evaluate your needs.


The following is a list of yachts we have either repainted or patched recently.

ADELESchoonerTransom & patches.
AegirCarbon Ocean Yachts 82’Application of new Chemglide underwater hull scrubbable treatment (replaces conventional antifouling applications)
AlixSwan 90́Topsides.
AlizeJongert 28 mTopsides, superstructure & mast
AnemosSwan 100́Topsides, Superstructure
AnnabelleJongert 27 mTopsides & superstructure
Blind dateMotor yacht 47mTopsides, Hull, Superstructure patches
Blue Eyes of LondonMotor yacht 59 mHull, Stern, Bow, Transom & patches
CannonballMiniMaxi CustomHull, superstructure, deck, painting of name
Crazy HorseOyster 72́Topsides and superstructure.
DolphinAbeking & Rasmussen/1953 (91’)Topsides painted black
ElizavetaAB Yachts 42mHull, superstructure, interior
EntourageAdmiral 47mInterior paint works.
FidelitasJongert 40mTopside , superstructure and masts.
Flying MagicJongert 2900Topsides , superstructure.
GalateiaWally 100́General patches.
GaneshaVitters 47mGeneral patches.
HetairosVitters 67mPaint works.
Highland FingSwan 115Topsides (Swan shipyard).
IvankaShipman 80Transom.
Lady DuveraHaakvort 44mHull, Topsides, transom, super structure, bulwarks
Lady GiorginaAmels 48mInterior paint works.
MikadoKetch 47mTopsides, stern,etc
Mondango 2Alloy 170 ́Topsides, superstructure, mast booms.
Mondango 3Alloy 185 ́Hull, stern, superstructure, interior painting works
Nirvana FormenteraVitters 175 ́Hull, Topsides & super structure & patches.
NomadPershing 90’Hull & super structure
Open SeasonWally 94’Application of new Chemglide underwater hull scrubbable treatment (replaces conventional antifouling applications)
Passe PartoutJongert 42Topsides,superstructure,mast,booms.
PIAFFÉ 2Jongert 34mTopsides, hull & superstructure.
SaudadeWally 150Hull + racing finish, topsides, superstructure. (dark Green metallic)
ScorpioneJongert 29mTopside, Hull & superstructure
Sirius V--Hull + racing finish, Deck, Mast & Boom
Song of the SeaSwan 100 ́Topsides, Superstructure
SouthwindJongert 40mHull, topsides, superstructure, mast booms.
SovereinJongert 118 feetTopsides, Hull & superstructure
SpartanClassic 72’Hull
SWAN 78Swans 78Painting of Hulls, Lines, fairing, and topcoats from carbon surface (Swan Ship Yard Finland)
SWAN 115,004Swan 115 ́Topsides – from carbon surface (Swan Shipyard Finland)
TatasuMotor yachtInterior
Ti-CoyoSwan 105 ́Topsides and Transom
Toro del MarJongert 2200Tosides, superstructure.