Sandblast Projects Palma (Mallorca) are specialists in the field of sandblasting all type of boat tanks. The founder, David Moreno, have been in the yacht industry for many years, garnering experience in the intricacies of achieving the best surface result that sandblasting has to achieve in order to provide the optimum anchor patterns for the application of primers and paints to adequately adhere to the blasted surface.

The following is a list of yachts we work recently.

M/Y BrigantinaAntifouling removal
M/Y BystanderPainting of tanks with Chemco
M/Y CyanSandblasting 3 tanks
M/Y GattopardoBlack, Grey, Fresh water tanks blasted & painted
M/Y Lady AnastasiaSandblasting pieces + flooring
M/Y Lady DuveraSandblasting hull
M/Y Lady KAntifouling removal
M/Y Lady NoraAntifouling removal
M/Y Pick UpSandblasting 2 Tanks
M/Y SlipstreamAntifouling removal
M/Y TatasuAntifouling + primer removal
M/Y Tumberry CSuperstructure areas
M/Y WhiteAntifouling removal
S/Y Nirvana FormenteraAntifouling removal
S/Y Passe PartoutAntifouling removal
S/Y RivelleAntifouling removal
S/Y SaudadeSandblasting hull + 2 Fresh water tanks

Having identified a niche in the market, Sandblast Projects Palma, apart from offering the usual blasting works, has specialised in the very daunting and difficult field of blasting, preparation and painting of tanks, whether they be water, oil or fuel tanks. Working in the tight spaces within a tank presents a unique set of difficulties and risks, and Sandblast Projects Palma has perfected the process to achieve the best results.

Other areas of work are antifouling and paint removal, bilge blasting, parts blasting and painting, corrosion and rust removal or tank blasting.

Sandblast Projects Palma offers the client a wide variety of blasting options, from sand to wet abrasive blasting. Blasting of large or small areas, pieces and parts which may need blasting before painting, always ensuring that the surfaces meet with the highest standards and for optimum results.

When the client contacts us, the work will be evaluated and the best option will of blasting will be assessed and provided for the job at hand, thus ensuring that the whatever the base surface is, it will be treated in the appropriate manner to best receive the primers and paints to achieve a durable, flawless finish.

We take pride in our work, attention to detail and cleanliness. Every effort is taken to ensure that there is the minimum amount of dust and contamination.

Clean, efficient and effective work is our trademark.

Contact us at, call us +34 635 160 386, chat or fill this form. One of our project managers will contact you quickly to evaluate your needs.